Business Workplace Platform


Microsoft productivity tool is one of the best platforms worldwide enhanced with in house plug-ins such as organization document centre, data backup and also an easy to use dashboard for users.

We’ve done a comprehensive study and leverage on Microsoft Power Platform so you can manage your business, even with minimal IT knowledge, through us and gain accurate and fast IT support at all times.

Business Email Hosting


Email ID is a crucial key for every employee to access business data and form business credibility. Our email hosting includes intelligent spam filtering, comprehensive calendar system to improve collaboration and security when integrated with other system.

Switch up and host your Business Email Services in a controlled and compliant platform with guaranteed 99.9% uptime, you can count on your mailbox to be always up and running with information protected with anti malware, spam filtering and other advance safety features with customized email address for a touch of professionalism.

IT Managed Services


With the complexities of public and private cloud solutions paired with hybrid working environment that includes remote working environment, in-house resources are stretched and easily distracted.

Let us help you by doing what we do best so you can manage your business with ease. Our range of expertise includes managing your workstation, datacenter equipt with data protection and privacy standards, asset management and remote workforce control to help you reduce in-house overhead costs, increase IT efficiency and improve uptime management.

Advanced IT Security for Business

Defend your business against advanced cyberthreats with sophisticated phishing and ransomware protection.


  • Guard against viruses, spam, unsafe attachments, suspicious links, and phishing attacks.
  • Encrypt sensitive emails and restrict copying and forwarding of confidential business information

Business Continuity Plan

Protect your business with a business continuity plan and have your disaster recovery plan and data backup in place. This enables your business proactively respond to accidents, disaster, or emergencies with a plan in hand.


Talk to us and we’ll help you build a plan that better suits you.

Training & Consultation

Equip your workforce with up-to-date technologies to grow together with your business. We’re here for you to help maximize your potential, enhance your workforce performance or simply ask us an IT question related to your nature of business and we will assist to find an efficient solution for you.


Find out more Microsoft full range training from us.

Modernize Website


With your in-depth knowledge of your business and products, we help materialise it digitally into the next level customer engagement tool to propel your business forward.

A modern website can bring your company image to another level on top of company profiling showing. We can improvise your website with branding, rebranding, website restructuring, and track user activity with website tracking tools to boost revenue and improve your customer experience with your inputs.

Info-Center Portal


We build the info-center on top of intranet, by tailor-made solution that fits into your organization seamlessly.

We’ve created a communication tool to combine what’s important to every organization – a safe platform to share company related information, manage tasks, collaborations, and events within the company ecosystem and keep everyone well-informed in real-time.

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