Service Render:
Consultancy, Migration

Client challenge

Legacy technology platform has been a problem for the client, with outdated applications and backend dependencies causing various progress challenge to their daily routine. Without the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the audacious task of migrating their existing tech-stack to a modern setup supported by cloud facilities – they are caught in a progress spiral, an innovator's dilemma.

Company background

This cross-industry company must address modernization of its business processes and legacy applications. However, they do not have the skills in-house to conduct such activities. Existing business services and assets are out-of-date and need modernization.

Business requirements

Modernize  infrastructure, applications, business processes & Improve employee skills.

Business risks

Lost competitiveness & opportunities due to inability to support new business market. Excessive investment spends on maintaining legacy applications. Impact on existing contracts for support,licensing, and services.